1- Reduction in diesel fuel consumption by 12 to 19 percent

One of the most important benefits of REDUCS which makes it economically viable in the short term is reduction in diesel fuel consumption.

The sudden reduction in fuel consumption in all engines causes the fuel system to malfunction and out-of-time operation, causing severe damage to the engine and fuel system. But what happens in REDUCS is not reducing fuel consumption by preventing the engine from consuming diesel fuel, but is the better and more efficiently combustion, resulting in more energy being extracted from the fuel and increasing power and acceleration. Therefore, to obtain a certain amount of power, less diesel fuel is needed. The tests carried out by reputable industrial centers have shown that by installing REDUCS on the fuel system, the BSFC index (i.e. the fuel consumption per unit power of output) is reduced. This means that REDUCS reduces fuel consumption and extracts more energy from the diesel fuel, thereby reducing diesel fuel consumption per unit power of output.