Advantages of REDUCS

1-Reduction in diesel fuel consumption by 12 to 19 percent

One of the most important benefits of REDUCS which makes it economically viable in the short term is reduction in diesel fuel consumption.

The sudden reduction in fuel consumption in all engines causes the fuel system to malfunction and out-of-time operation, causing severe damage to the engine and fuel system. But what happens in REDUCS is not reducing fuel consumption by preventing the engine from consuming diesel fuel, but is the better and more efficiently combustion, resulting in more energy being extracted from the fuel and increasing power and acceleration. Therefore, to obtain a certain amount of power, less diesel fuel is needed. The tests carried out by reputable industrial centers have shown that by installing REDUCS on the fuel system, the BSFC index (i.e. the fuel consumption per unit power of output) is reduced. This means that REDUCS reduces fuel consumption and extracts more energy from the diesel fuel, thereby reducing diesel fuel consumption per unit power of output.

2-Significant reduction of exhaust emissions between 30 to 70 percent

Diesel fuel has a wide hydrocarbon spectrum with a carbon chain length of 12 to 20 carbon atoms. The large size of diesel fuel molecules as well as the high volume of the inlet fuel in heavy-duty diesel engines causes the combustion efficiency to decrease and a large amount of fuel to be burnt incomplete. It not only wastes energy but also emits soot (C) and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC) which pollute the environment. But with REDUCS installation, diesel fuel burns better and more energy is extracted. By more complete combustion of diesel fuel, the amount of soot, carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust outlet is reduced which both reduces energy loss and reduces environmental pollutants such as soot, carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons.

3-Increasing in engine power and acceleration up to 10%

As mentioned before, by installing REDUCS, diesel fuel is burned better and more efficiently and so, more energy is extracted. Gaining more energy per unit of fuel means more energy produced by the engine and thus higher engine power. Thus, with installation of REDUCS, engine power and vehicle acceleration increase.

4-Removing water from the diesel fuel and extending the life of the injector needles by at least twice

Water is one of the major destructors of fuel system which due to its high surface adhesion causes premature corrosion of fuel system components, especially injector needles. It also causes premature failure of diesel filter and so entrance of destructive particles into the fuel system and ultimately failure in the fuel system of vehicle and imposing high costs.

REDUCS is the only filter which thanks to its precious metal alloys, removes 100% of soluble water from diesel fuel. It not only separates hundred percent of water from diesel fuel, but also uses the energy of water to increase the engine power. REDUCS by taking one electron from water and converting it to HHO form keeps all components of the fuel system from water harm and doubles the life of its components especially the injector needles (which are very vulnerable).

5-Better and smoother engine performance

As described earlier, the creation of soot due to incomplete combustion of fuel causes severe conditions for engine operation. Because of high weight and high adhesion of soot, it adheres to the cylinders wall, resulting in high friction between the piston and the cylinder wall and slows the discharge process of the combustion gases. The harder the piston moves within the cylinder, the higher the cylinder temperature and the more engine noise. By installing REDUCS, the soot is reduced and so, the discharge process is done better, friction is reduced and so, the engine temperature is reduced and the engine can work better and smoother.

6-Reduction in engine oil depreciation and less oil replacement

By installing REDUCS, soot production is greatly reduced and engine temperature is reduced as a result. Both of which cause the engine oil to become dirty later and lose its lubricating properties later. As a result, with the installation of REDUCS, there is less need to replace the engine oil and, on the other hand, the engine performs better and has longer service life.